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I'm Jason Britt, aka J.B. I am a vocalist and guitarist in 4PN. I enjoy weight lifting, playing guitar, and spending time with my wife Courtney, my son Easton and my daughter Aniston. I graduated from Andersonville Bible Seminary with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies. God has placed a calling on my life to share the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ through music and personal evangelism.

I'm Derek and I'm the drummer in 4PN. Most of my younger life I struggled with bullies, some days to the point I was sick. God opened doors to allow me to be able to go to a private school. After the hard times of being bullied I picked up drumming, and eventually joined the band. I love drumming, traveling with these guys, and of course we all love seeing more people come to know Jesus Christ! 

I'm Mitch and I'm a vocalist and guitarist in 4PN. I love my wife Kristy, and my new child Elaina who was born on March 20th, 2023. Most of all, I love Jesus and the opportunities he provides for growth! I want to make a difference in the lives of people! 


I'm Anthony Pittman and I play guitar in 4PN. Early on in my life, I battled addiction for nine years. Drugs led me down the wrong road and eventually led me to prison, where I was incarcerated for four years. It was in the prison cell that I cried out to God to save me. Today I am a changed man, and I want to tell the world about Him!

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