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Alot can be said about faith. This is a word that is used by all of us daily. We actually have faith in our daily activities. When you get into your car, you have a great amount of faith in yourself that you will arrive at your destination without trouble. When you sit in a chair, you have an overwhelming amount of faith that the chair you are about to sit in will hold you up. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, should be even greater. you see, having faith in yourself to get to work on time is not a guarantee. There is a slight possibility that you can run into trouble such as a delay, or a car issue. Likewise, having faith that a chair will hold up your weight is not a guarantee either, since the chair could be broken. One thing that you can guarantee is that Jesus can hold your weight 100% of the time! Having trouble financially? Have faith in God. Having trouble with the loss of a loved one? Turn to Christ and He can make an impossible situation become possible! Before you get out of bed in the morning, have faith that Jesus Christ is going to guide you throughout the day.

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